• Political campaign strategy
  • Organization and management of political campaigns
  • Consulting, organization and management of political parties
  • Political analysis

Regional institute

Regional institute for political campaign management

Elections are an important step in the process of democratization of any society. They represent the opportunity for political involvement and representation, and are an important element in enjoying the broad spectrum of human rights to the fullest (the freedom of expression, the freedom of association and assembly, etc.); also they have a significant impact on the rule of law.

Regional institute for political campaign management is founded with the purpose of establishing, defining and developing the key processes from which one political campaign is consisted of, with the goal of the best possible result in presidential, parliamentary or local elections, but also internal elections within political parties.


Campaign and election organization academy functions within the institute with the purpose of education and training of all of those who are already involved or want to be involved with political campaigns’ organization.

There are series of processes which need to be respected and that are confirmed in both theory and practice, if positive result is the aim. Before undertaking any election activity in a more narrow sense, it is necessary to execute a series of preliminary actions that are often not visible to electorate or political party membership.

Key processes in election campaign:

  • organization of campaign staff
  • analysis – internal and external
  • evaluation / targeting
  • defining ultimate goal
  • establishing ultimate goal
  • campaign planning
  • political strategy
  • field operations strategy
  • campaign political image
  • media strategy
  • crisis communication plan
  • internet campaign
  • the campaign structure
  • campaign mechanism
  • analytics and postproduction
  • organization of activities on day of election silence
  • organization of election Day activities
  • closing press conference



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