• Political campaign strategy
  • Organization and management of political campaigns
  • Consulting, organization and management of political parties
  • Political analysis


Political campaign strategy

The process of defining strategy involves series of different activities during which, and on the basis of conclusions from previous processes, the type and methods of campaign management are being determined. By this process we define range and priority of political issues which represent election programme of a party or candidate.

Organization and management of political campaigns

Organization and management involves: organization of campaign staff, analysis – internal and external, evaluation, defining ultimate goal, campaign planning, determining political strategy, field operations strategy, defining political image of campaign, party or candidate, determining media strategy, creating crisis communication plan, Internet campaign, deciding on the campaign structure, determination and application of campaign mechanisms, analytics and postproduction, organization of activities on day of election silence, organisation of Election Day activities, organisation of closing press conference

Consulting, organization and management of political parties

Analysis of current state, reorganisation, systematisation and new organisation according to needs and real possibilities, all with a goal of accomplishing the best possible election outcome.

Political analysis

Analysis of current state and events in social and political scene.

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